Organic Carrots

The Dorey Park Farmers Market's mission is to provide Henrico citizens with easy access to fresh and nutritious local produce, and other high quality products produced by local farms and small businesses.  We encourage and support local growers, farmers and other producers as well as promote equitable food access, good health & nutrition, environmental stewardship and agriculture education through community outreach efforts.  We believe that these principles will ultimately build a greater community.  



                                           our advisory board


The DPFM board of advisors represents the farmer, consumer, and community interests served by the farmers market. The current volunteer board members include the following:


Jin & Michael Dudley: Market & Community Supporters    

John Bryant: Farmer, Old Tavern Farm

Karen Props: Board - Chickahominy YMCA  

Terrence Walker: Henrico Rec. & Parks Commission

Cappie Montgomery: Market Manager - Dorey Farmers Market, Inc.

John Montgomery: Dorey Farmers Market, Inc.